Hipsos de la Vallée des Nobles


- Color : black silver tabby blotched (ns 22)

- Date of birth : 11/06/2012

- Pedigree:

Hipsos is the first Maine Coon who joined us. His main character trait is that he is extraordinarily cuddly. He follows us everywhere and he is always asking for caresses.


Moreover, he is a real "purring box"! Of all our cats, he is the one who best matches the expression "dog-cat" often confered to maine coon. We can only hope he will hand this wonderful temperament to his kittens.


But, besides, he has also resolute temper and he will never let himself be pushed around. In the bosom of the pack, we may say he is the boss of the house. 


Hipsos also distinguished himself in catshows. And, at the age of two years and half, he concluded his WCF championship by winning the ultimate title of « World Champion ». 


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