Lynx Lynx Fruit Jam 

- Color : black tortie tabby blotched and blanc (f 09 22)

- Date of birth : 27/08/2013

- Pedigree : 


Fruittella is the first female who joined us. She was only two months when we really fall for a picture of her. And, by a successful combination of circumstances, we finally met her, in Italy, and we also fell in love with her temperament.


At first sight, on the one hand, she is more reserved than the others and she can look a little bit pretentious: she watches people and looks like she was trying to figure them out before coming near. 


On the other hand, if you start to play with her, she will always be at your heels! She is full of energy, and she is the "hunter" of the house.


But she also likes to share moments of tenderness with us. 



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